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AFRICAN KINGS is a Photo Gallery presented by a famous photographer named James C. Lewis living in ATLANTA. His work purpose is to illustrate the powerful african Kings . Mr James C. Lewis, decided to give truth through  history face to modern colonialism of world.  If Africa is the cradle of mankind and the first human been was found in Africa , why history includes only white? Why those who have marked the history of the world are only the white race? ” Question ”

The photographer decided to rewrite history, according to his vision. ” We have to write our own images and stops the followership ”

 Here , you will find one of the biggest recent projects of Mr James C.Lewis which includes the height of the African history men. These Kings who had made of Africa the most valiant continents before colonization.

See the illustration of each king and history.

Please click on the images to access the stories

Photographer James C. Lewis of Noire3000 | N3K Photo Studios



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